Château de Champ-sur-Marne, France.

I had a dream I went to this restaurant down the street from me and I was with my 2 friends and I saw nicole Richie there (actually a lot of people looked like her) and we were just in the parking lot so we weren’t expecting to eat but nicole invited us so we did and it was kind of a boat idk anyway she ordered cocaine and was like “do you want some ” and I was like what and I tried it but my 2 friends didn’t know and then they disappeared and I was left by myself to get home bc nicole needed to get herself home so I went home except it wasn’t my real life house and this guy with a beard and a few other guys were in a room full of cd covers on the wall as cartoon character dolls and saw I was reading a book about weezer so we started singing pork and beans and then my alarm went off irl so I turned it off and went back to sleep for a few minutes and had another dream I was in my school cafe and asked for a green, toasted bagel (bc i guess I thought it was st Patrick’s day)

The head of a funerary couch in the form of a cheetah with tears falling from his eyes.

Book: Tutankhamen’s Treasures

It would be the best thing to be a part of something everybody fell in love with. Whether it’s a disney cartoon, Stewie, spongebob, batman, the star wars trilogy. A really good movie or television show or a huge musician like michael Jackson or Elvis or Madonna. Not because they’re famous, just because they’re all sort of legendary and it gives the fans *that* feeling, idk. the entertainment world is pretty amazing