Title: Fall for You
Artist: Secondhand Serenade
Played: 23329 times


Fall For You | Secondhand Serenade

J.W. Anderson, Spring/Summer 2015

Title: Car Radio
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
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Moschino ss15

Title: Time
Artist: Pink Floyd
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Time - Pink Floyd

Title: Where Is My Mind?
Artist: Pixies
Played: 90615 times


Surfer Rosa  |  1988

I had a dream I was driving to school and these 2 gay guys got married and once they kissed they both jumped up and it was soooo cute and 2 seconds later it started raining and then I got to school and that’s if

oh yeah I also had a dream I was in environmental class handing back tests and the paper said kanye west and the score was 1000 and I was like what so I opened it and kanye wrote his own comments in red (separate from the teacher who really did give him 1000) and he was like “I think I should get a 1200 or 1400 for extra credit” and i don’t even know